As kids, my brothers and I would spend the summer holidays with our family on the countryside. While my brothers enjoyed the great outdoors, I would spend a good amount of my time in the garage, creating something which I had called machines.

When the question about my day came up, I’d always say…

“I was building machines.”

These contraptions consisted mostly of different pieces of wood and/or metal coupled together by rope, nails or screws. Most of them had no purpose in the real world, but at the time they fulfilled some childish need of mine.

Be aware that…

We’ve got a small-but-worthy project on our hands.

We’re going to build a home camera for less than 10$ and integrate it with HomeAssistant.

The Parts

The first part we need is the brain. The ESP32-CAM board can be bought separately and interfaced with through the pins. But its evolution, the ESP-CAM-MB, includes an additional board which provides us with a micro-USB interface. The linked version provides you with a VGA resolution, but you can order other lenses.

Aight yall, welcome to West Coaster Customs. Our boy Ivan came to us with a worry that his lamp was not fully contributing to his productivity and operational satisfaction.

Moisture sensor enclosure

I’m a huge fan of plants. My collection of aesthetically pleasing ones as well as the edible ones, like spices, is quite broad.

But I have 3 of them that seem hanging on the bridge of death for 2 years now. Well, at least until 2 months ago. More precisely, until the moment when they got the ability to communicate in a digital manner.

I call them Yucca, The plastic one and Wannabe Yucca. Neither of them are are Yucca plants nor made of plastic. But one thing they do require is a very strict watering routine.

My irritation sensors…

Got some old laptop lying around? Want to throw it out but never managed to execute that step? Well, I suggest you learn to reuse your tech. With the “Right To Repair” swarming the global news pages, we should broaden our focus to cover all tech, and not just the phones and their manufacturers.


  • Laptop
  • LCD Controller
  • Power Supply (12V 3A+)
  • Photo frame
  • Hobby drill


1. Disassemble your laptop and take the LCD panel

2. Note the panel model usually written on a sticker on the back of the panel

About a year ago I joined the ‘standing desk’ community by investing in a IKEA IDÅSEN desk powered by a Linak BLE adapter. A part of me wanted to reverse all the strain bolted onto my back from sitting through at least 8 hours a day.

The Issue

The desk controls are minimal, but it bothered me from the start that I had to hold the button until the desk reached the desired height. The desire of a fully automated desk was not fulfilled.

The Approach

Well, the desk controller uses Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE), which is a handy protocol which in itself defines…

There’s a certain joy in over-engineering…

All we do is devote a chunk of our brains to the process of tracking time before proceeding to lunch — focus our time-tracking tool, change the active tab and switch to the time-off task.

As we return to the workstation, we repeat the process to return the time-tracking tool to its previous state.

Let’s rewind that process and apply an unneeded micro-optimization just for the sake of learning something new.

Let me put you in a real-life situation presenting the development and testing of an interactive application at Bornfight.

The Lifecycle

A project has been initiated…

Kick-off meeting.




A happy client.
A happy team.

An unpredictable case!

Bug detection.

A fix…
A fix for the fix…
A fix that fixes all bugs the previous fix caused…

A nerve cell lost.
A new sleeping habit.
A bucket of coffee.

A new build, with a new concern that something you didn’t predict could suddenly tear your project in half.

A worried client.

But, why?

We analyzed the client’s specification, defined the project domain, wrote the architecture documentation and acceptance criteria, wrote tests and populated our…

Ivan Lesar

Automation, psychology, mathematics — Senior Software Developer @ Bornfight

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